Plan Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Votes!

South Atlantic is proud to endorse your candidacy for the South Carolina legislature! Our board was impressed with your willingness to run for office, your energy and dedication to improving our state, and your commitment to protecting women’s health care and reproductive rights. We will do everything we can to help you win!

The tragic events of the past 9 days have left us all devastated as I know it has you. Political campaigns may feel secondary when we are trying to convince our nation that Black Lives Matter, but, as President Barack Obama reminded us, our power is in our vote. It is with this in mind that we redouble our efforts to elect people who see the value and worth of Black people in our state.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your support and we look forward to supporting you in return.

Vicki Ringer
Director of Public Affairs
Planned Parenthood South Atlantic – SC

Our Revolution South Carolina

Our Revolution SC Votes!

ORSC (Our Revolution South Carolina) is excited to announce our endorsement of Keith T. Grey, Sr., for South Carolina House District 45. Keith is a true progressive and a member of the ORSC family, having served as board member and District 5 Co-Chair.

Keith is a former small business owner and has very close ties to the community in Lancaster County. He was elected Chairman of the Lancaster Democratic Party in 2016 and has been reelected twice. He is also a member of the local NAACP chapter and involved in various local charities and community organizations.

Keith supports fully-funded and equitable public education, Medicaid expansion, police and criminal justice system reforms, common-sense gun safety laws, economic justice, and environmental justice focusing on renewable/sustainable energy sources. Read more about his background, platform, and campaign at his website: https://Grey4House45sc.com and don’t forget to contribute to his campaign while you’re there.

Please join us in giving Keith our full-throated support in his race for the S.C. legislature. Our state will be better off with progressive champions like Keith in office.

The ORSC Endorsement Committee.


South Carolina AFL-CIO Votes!

June 1, 2022

Dear Candidate,

It is with great pleasure we are writing you to inform you that the SC AFL-CIO is endorsing your candidacy.  Attached you will find our logo for use in your campaign. 

Our office is here to help you, please contact us on how we may assist you. 

Yours in Solidarity,

SC AFL-CIO PAC Committee


MOMS Votes!

Gun Violence and Gun Violence Prevention

On average, more than 100 Americans are shot and killed every day — and twice that many are wounded. This issue affects every community: 58 percent of American adults, or someone they care for, have experienced gun violence in their lifetime. That’s why we must address gun violence in all its forms.

Talking About Gun Violence Prevention

American Voters Support Stronger Gun Safety Laws and Want Our Leaders, Elected Officials and Candidates to Advocate for Them

Additional Background Information on Gun Violence and Key GVP Policies 2020

Background Checks: Disproportionate effect on Black Americans:

Domestic violence:

Red flag/Extreme risk laws:

Responding to Major Shooting Incidents

Most gun violence is not the mass shootings or school shootings that generate headlines; nearly two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides, and one-third are homicides. The following recommendations can help ensure responsible communications in the aftermath of major shooting incidents:

Contact Information

[email protected]
303 West Dunlap St, 
       Lancaster SC, 29720