The Issues

Progressive Solutions: Preparation, Prevention, and Protection!

What’s with all the ISSUES?

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the issues I have listed! It’s just that so much has been neglected, for so long, and so much has been ignored or denied, there is just a lot to address. Realistically, it could take a few decades… However, well thought out solutions and actions would address many overlapping or interrelated issues efficiently.


  • Medicaid expansion (hopefully to lead to Universal Healthcare)
  • Legalize medical cannabis
  • Block for-profit Medical corporate consolidation without rural medical expansion
  • Develop community based solutions to the issue of nutrition deserts
  • INCREASE funding of Planned Parenthood to provide pre- and post-natal care until Universal Healthcare is a reality


    • Provide rational, sustainable financing of public education
    • Increase teacher pay
    • Increase the number of teacher aides
    • Stop the “first to cut, last to increase” philosophy for funding
    • Stop charter funding without providing for accountability
    • Expand trade & technical training
    • Expand apprentice programs
    • Provide every child access to broadband internet for school-related   activities

Legal/Criminal Justice

  • Reform cash bail bonding
  • End Civil forfeiture without a conviction
  • Decriminalize use of cannabis — issue a ticket for low level infractions
  • Address school-to-jail pipeline — provide more counselors, less police


  • Require affordable housing provisions in all new developments or major renovations
  • Establish living wage minimums — require in all government contracts
  • Protect the rights of workers to organize
  • Encourage Community banking/USPS banking
  • Establish family leave policies
  • Lower limits on Pay Day Lender interest rates

Gun safety

  • Implement red flag laws — temporary removal of firearms from dangerous individuals
  • Close the Charleston Loophole — no gun purchases until background check clears
  • Equate gun ownership to responsible automobile ownership: training, testing, and liability insurance requirements

Sustainable energy

  • Promote private/public partnerships for regional level recycling
  • Provide solar, wind, and tidal energy incentives until ALL coal plants are shutdown
  • Provide incentives for building a network of recharging/refueling stations

support small business

  • Review regulations with an eye to reduce burdens on SMBs
  • Properly fund regulatory oversight of large companies
  • Make penalties proportional to the size of the company violating the rules
  • Discourage monopolistic practices at the State level

sustainable economic growth

  • Allow home rule on impact fees
  • Base tax incentives on how rural the area is to be developed
  • Base tax incentives on how impoverished an area is to be developed
  • Require internet providers to either offer broadband EVERYWHERE or provide infrastructure to other organizations to use

environmental justice

  • Protect communities from air and ground pollution
  • Ensure community Clean Water
  • Permit home rule on local environmental rules
  • Forbid South Carolina offshore drilling!!!!!!!!

Police Reform/REFOCUS

  • Increase funding for social services first responders
  • End Qualified Immunity 
  • Prohibit Taxpayer’s money being used to pay settlements
  • Must include a national database of police abuse
  • Must include zero tolerance policy
  • Implement revised use of force/rules of engagement
  • Require dash and body cams come on the instant the officer leaves his/her vehicle
  • Create joint civilian/elected official review boards
  • Demilitarize the police — That is what the State National Guard is for


  • Change county administrative offices to non-partisan races using competency-based criteria
  • Minimize gerrymandering — establish non-partisan district mapping commissions
  • Properly support first responders/essential workers/military with benefits & retirement

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